Latest News!

Habitat is off to a great start this year! We are finishing up a house #25 and starting 2 new homes for families #26 and #27 in Desloge and Park Hills.  

If you would like to volunteer, give us a call at 760-1702. We need concrete contractors, framers, plumbers, electricians, drywall hangers and finishers and many general laborers. 

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Linda Dickerson-Bell

Executive Director

Tax Credit Program



In addition to your regular charitable deduction, you can receive a state tax credit of 55% of your donation to Habitat for Humanity if:

  1. You are engaged in business as a Sole Proprietor, Partner, Corporation, or Shareholder in an S Corporation; AND
  2. Your business is subject to the state income tax.

This tax credit also applies to Farmers, Landlords, and Small Business Owners.

Generally, a gift to Habitat for Humanity - using State tax credits and the charitable deduction - ends up costing the donor approximately 25 cents on the dollar. Your personal tax situation may vary; please check with your tax accountant.

This program allows you to leverage your contribution to Habitat for Humanity by using the dollars you would have spent on your Missouri taxes to increase your contribution. You will effectively direct your tax dollars back home at a small out-of-pocket cost.

  • The tax credits are deducted directly from the taxes you owe.
  • Tax credits may be carried over the next 10 succeeding calendar years until the full tax credit has been taken.
  • Tax credits can be sold for 80-90% of their value.

If you are interested in these tax credits or would like more information, please call Ed Pultz at 573-756-6748.